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I have taught a wide variety of classes, both at the collegiate level and to children. I currently teach the below listed classes in Bloomington, Indiana, at the John Waldron Arts Center.  You can sign up for them here! 

Foundations of Playwriting

In this class you will learn techniques for creating realistic character voices while exploring different genres and styles of dramatic writing. Through writing exercises, prompts, and readings you will leave the class with the confidence and ability to write your own plays. The class will culminate with a dramatic reading of student work for family and friends.  

Activate Your Creativity 

Are you feeling stifled creatively? Suffering from “writer’s block” or too scared of rejection to try something new? Maybe you’ve always wanted to choreograph a dance or write a novel, but keep convincing yourself that you can’t. This class is designed to foster creativity and heal our artistic wounds. Using exercises from the text, The Artist’s Way, as well as other art and psychology books, we will make discoveries about ourselves as artists and take the first steps toward new creations. 














If you are struggling with a piece of writing, or would simply like to hear the perspective of a new reader, I am available for creative consultation. 

As a teacher and a writer myself, I have a knack for spotting creative strengths as well as plot-line pitfalls, and giving gentle but direct constructive criticism. I will never write your story for you, but I can help you see which areas need attention.


 Prices negotiable. Contact me here











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