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Where All Good Rabbits Go

During the Age of the Rabbit, no one died. That is to say no one died in the typical way we now view death (the mystical removal of life from the body). Instead people became rabbits. This could happen very suddenly, or gradually over a long period of time. But sooner or later everyone became a rabbit. When hard working young farmer Walter suddenly sprouts a fluffy tail, his journey to where all good rabbits go begins, and there is no turning back.

The Laborious Dance

Three pregnant women of varying backgrounds and demographics bond during a weekend retreat that focuses on preparing for parenting. The weekend is led by an eccentric new age earth mother and a gen z doula who are both passionate about helping new mothers discover their life path. As they explore the “How to be a Mother” curriculum they learn there are no hard and fast rules to parenting, though some experiences are universal. 

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