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When drought hits the American homeland in a serious way, a variety of visual artists and community members struggle over the idea of a future in a world without water. In the end, each one is trying to define their meaning of home, and to use their talents (if not to save the world) then at least to ease its pain.
3M, 2W
75 min
                                                                                     Sanguine Theatre Project Playwright 
Activate Midwest Theatre Festival  

During the Age of the Rabbit, no one died. That is to say no one died in the typical way we now view death (the mystical removal of life from the body). Instead people became rabbits. This could happen very suddenly, or gradually over a long period of time. But sooner or later everyone became a rabbit.  

2 M, 1 W, 

75 min


Photo by Yasmina Chavez
Alfred University Production 
Photo by Louis Stein
CMU Production
Sanguine Theater, Project Playwright 
The Dance of Birth

Five women of varying age and social demographics bond during a six-week pregnancy dance class. This play explores what it means to be a woman and a mother in the modern world, from the perspective of different ages and desires, with lots of dance and false contractions in between.   

5 W 

65 min



A couple keeps having stillborn babies. They are deeply in love but the loss is tearing them apart. Their house gradually fills with ashes and ashtrays. When the woman becomes pregnant again they have to join forces for one last try at making life.

2 M, 1 W, 

60 min

















When Marigold returns home to take care of her dying father, her anxiety increases so dramatically that it becomes anthropomorphized into an evil dog that shows up in her yard. Life starts looking up when a kind hospice nurse named Adam starts taking care of her father, but can she overcome her own demons? As well as the one that is living in her yard? 

3M, 2W

75 min


Manhattan Reading Competition
Cast and the Playwright at Bloomington Playwright's Project
Semi-finalist for the Princess Grace Award Competition
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