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Kicking: a coming of age tale of two fetuses 
Two twins in the womb talk about their favorite things. Conflict arises when one twin refuses to leave while the other is eager to join the world. 
2 actors (any gender)
Period Dragon
Two pre-teen girls talk about boys, make-up, and periods. One of them is convinced there is a fire-breathing dragon in her bedroom. The other one thinks she is probabaly just PMSing. 
Who will claim their rightful throne as the Chili Dog Queen in this year's humanity pageant? 
2M, 3W
Future Tenant performance of KICKING. Photo by Kate Chi-An Lin  
All Heroes Do
Teddy likes to write late at night, but his wife, Fancy, keeps waking up and interrupting him. An exploration on the constant power struggle between life and work. 
1M, 1W
The Wasp in the Wine Glass

A couple's marital trouble becomes interrupted when a wasp flies in through the kitchen window. They both come to identify with the bug. 

2M, 1W,


A Tree Stands in the Corner

A woman who has lived alone for many years develops a strange friendship with the tree in her yard. When she meets a man and decides to move, she also has to leave the tree. 

1W, 2M


The SPOONS: A Farewell Concert

A local family folk band has to split ways due to betrayal and new horizons, but not before one final hoedown.  

*concept by Molly Griggs

3 W, 5M

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 5.16.29 PM.png
Performance of The SPOONS: A Farewell Concert. Photo by Louis Stein.
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