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Karina Cochran is a tall glass of water from the Midwest. Her plays have been read and performed in various venues across the United States, including FaultLine Theater in San Francisco, Thrown Stone Theater In Connecticut, Secret Theater in New York, and Dandelion Theater Company in Chicago. She received her MFA in Dramatic Writing at Carnegie Mellon University, and holds a BA from Bennington College. Her play Where All Good Rabbits Go was named among the best in the country for Equity Theater. 


She has been published through Original Works Publishing, McSweeny's Internet Tendency, Belladonna Comedy, The Coachella Review, and The Hawaii Pacific Review, as well as Slipstream Press. In addition to plays, she has published essays, creative nonfiction, and poetry. 


When not writing, Karina enjoys playing with her three children, singing, and making pies. 

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